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C3 Development Group Ltd. - Chiason & Chan Creations of Calgary

Our business model embodies a new dimension in design and the next level in forward building.

We focus on contemporary and Italian modern design elements and aspects while exceeding beyond the industry standards included in all of our bespoke builds.

With advanced construction knowledge, we pay close attention to the bone and skeletal structure to ensure longevity and fool-proof integrity as well as high-end real materials that we use in all of the final finishing. We then peel back the skin to reveal the well-ergonomic placement and the attention to detail that is demanded by our builds.

Our team of professionals, guided by owners R.D. and D.C. are personally involved in these signature projects. With our extensive experience in building, design and construction, we are able to effectively manage the complexities that are unique to these projects.

Come see and feel the unique projects here in Calgary.

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